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E-commerce has skyrocketed in 2020––the second quarter of this year represented a 44% increase in e-commerce sales from 2019. Yet, e-commerce accounts for just 15% of total retail sales, which means there is still so much opportunity for growth. The brand leaders who embrace digital innovation will be the ones who continue to illuminate the path ahead.

Module #1 – Journeys

Learn how to implement the most fruitful Journeys like Cart Abandon and how to use our newly released Journeys templates, which make it easier than ever to get automated messages up and running.

Module #2 – Sign-Up Flows
Take a deep dive into our list growth suite and learn how to set up your own two-tap sign-up units. Discover the latest features including Pop-Up Timer and Scroll Delay, and get a sneak peek of features launching Q2.

Module #3 – Advanced Targeting
Dig into our advanced segmentation tools and strategies—including browse & add to cart actions, criteria separators, and product data filters.

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